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In compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data of Private and its corresponding regulations (collectively the "Act"), Felipe Ochoa y Asociados, S.C. established in Ricardo Castro No. 54-901 Colonia Guadalupe Inn, Del. Alvaro Obregon, C.P. 01020, in Mexico City, extends and makes their knowledge for all legal purposes which may apply, this Notice Privacy of Personal data.  

Personal data will be collected

Felipe Ochoa y Asociados, S.C. will collect necessary personal data to fulfill your service request, to formalize their employment, as well as to carry out non-commercial and non-profit organizations involved in those activities.

Identifying information collected may consist of the information you provide, such as your name, address, email, telephone or other information. In addition, Felipe Ochoa y Asociados, S.C. may collect certain information that is not necessarily visibly entered data as your IP address, browser type Internet, additional elements to the HTTP protocol and the status of cookies on your computer.

The categories of personal data to collect and data are subject to treatment: identification data (including those derived from their own physical characteristics); Contact information; economic data; financial data; academic data; and labor data.

Stating that under no circumstances and under no exception personal data considered sensitive be collected, the above in foundation with Article 3 Section VI of the law on, meaning sensitive data those personal data which affect the most intimate sphere of the holder or whose misuse can lead to discrimination or involves a serious risk to it.

Purpose of Personal Data Processing

 Personal data collected will be used to fulfill your request for a product or service, to formalize and register their employment, or to maintain and complete the relationship generated. They will be used for identification purposes, for statistical purposes and internal analysis, for information and contact, recruitment and selection of personnel and to eventually contact you via email in relation to the above purposes.

Felipe Ochoa y Asociados, S.C. may conduct investigations and actions they deem necessary, in order to check through any third party, agency or authority, the veracity of the data that were provided to them.

 Is the personal information is shared with third parties?

Felipe Ochoa y Asociados, S.C. may transfer your personal data only to its affiliates and / or related companies and third parties selected suppliers with whom maintained a legal relationship, solely in order to fulfill the purposes described in this Privacy Notice.

Felipe Ochoa y Asociados, S.C. may disclose or allow access to the personal data you provide to comply with applicable law or request of the competent authority. In no case we will market, sell or rent personal information about you to a third party without prior consent from you.

a un tercero, la información reunida sobre Ud. en este sitio de red podrá ser manifestada a dicho tercero.

Felipe Ochoa y Asociados, S.C. not disclose to third parties intentionally without your consent (and will take commercially reasonable steps to prevent accidental disclosure) any personally identifiable information that you can provide us through the visit to this site, subject to the following exceptions: ( I) Felipe Ochoa y Asociados, S.C. may disclose to third parties your personally identifiable information as required or permitted by applicable laws, rules and regulations; (II) Felipe Ochoa y Asociados, S.C. can reveal your contact information in response to questions bona fide owners in connection with allegations of infringing copyright or proprietary rights arising from the information you. He has provided through this site or otherwise to Felipe Ochoa y Asociados, SC; and (III) if Felipe Ochoa y Asociados, S.C. (and / or one or more of its affiliates) merges with or sells all or substantially all of its assets to a third party, information collected about you. In this web site may be disclosed to such third party.

We understand that you have given consent to the transfer of their personal data, having expressly stated that there is no opposition to that they be transferred through the means we have made available and made their knowledge in terms of this Notice .

Security measures to protect your personal information

Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential and to reasonably prevent improper use or disclosure of it, Felipe Ochoa y Asociados, S.C. has implemented physical, technical and administrative security in accordance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties and other applicable regulations.

In particular, we have a privacy policy, training our employees, restricted to personal information to authorized users, a privacy officer, an inventory of personal data (properly classified by data category) of the access systems treatment, risk analysis and contract clauses.

Exercise ARCO Rights

You can exercise your ARCO rights (access, rectification, cancellation and / or opposition) directly contacting the appropriate department or via email at or at the address indicated in the first paragraph of this Notice, or contact with area Privacy Notice in "Contact our privacy department."

It can be by free writing which shall contain at least: name and address of the owner or other means to communicate the answer to your request, clear and precise description of the personal data on those seeking to exercise any right, any other item or document that facilitates the location of personal data. In both cases you must submit documents proving their identity or, where appropriate, legal representation of the holder, and any other documents required by applicable law at the time of filing the application.

 Modification to privacy policy

Any amendment to this notice will be notified through any of the following means: a written statement sent to his home, a message sent to your email or your mobile phone; a statement released through our website message.

 How are cookies used?

It is possible that on some pages of our website "cookies" are used; These are small text files placed on your hard drive that help us provide a more personalized visit on our site. For example, a "cookie" can be used to archive information in a site area so that a visitor or user need not re-enter successive times that specific area on each visit. Our policy is to use "cookies" for the purpose of facilitating the visit and navigate our Web site as well as any registration process on the site.

If you have concerns about the issue of "cookies" note that most computers can prevent or stop the use of "cookies" in most cases even if you reject the use of these devices, you can still access and browsing our website.

What are "cookies" used for on this website?

To manage and properly manage our Web site may introduce information anonymously in our operational systems and identify categories of visitors by items such as domains and type "browsers". These statistics and information can be introduced into our Webmaster. This allows us to ensure that our website provides an optimal browsing experience for visitors and is an effective source of information.

  • Cookies strictly necessary for the provision of certain expressly requested by the user services: if these cookies are disabled, you cant properly receive our content and services.
  • Analitycal cookies (for managing advertising space according to the specific profile) behavioral (for monitoring and statistical analysis of the behavior of all users), and: if these cookies are disabled, the website will continue to function without prejudice to the information collected by these cookies about the use of our website and the success of the content shown it can improve our services and information that will help us improve the content posted on our website.

Modification to privacy policy

Any amendment to this notice will be notified through any of the following means: a written statement sent to his home, a message sent to your email or your mobile phone; a statement released through our website message.

Contact our Privacy Department

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy or if you need help in navigation, reading materials or any other information contained in our website, please contact us at:


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This Statement of Confidentiality / Privacy is subject to the terms and conditions of all websites of the institution described above, which constitutes a legal agreement between the user and the institution. If the user uses the services at any of the sites of the institution, you have read, understood and agreed to the terms outlined above. If you do not agree with them, you should not provide any personal information or use the services of the sites of the institution.