Aviation and Airports


Development Master Plan of the International Airport of Puebla

FOA Consulting joined the Master Plan development planning of infrastructure, facilities, equipment and services in the short, medium and long term.

Functional and International Development and system configuration diagram in the airport of Puebla.

FOA Consulting performs analysis processing of aircraft, passengers, baggage and cargo, following differences and separations process flow between national and international flights, as well as arrival and departure to determine the level of functioning of the international airport of Puebla.

Forecasts and market expectations

FOA Consulting estimated demand of users and load with the conceptual design of airport development, characteristics and parameters of the main components of the airport and the measures for the conservation of the environment in accordance with current environmental regulations.

Investment program and descriptive Airport plan

In each of its areas and buildings, FOA Consulting specified investment needs at an early stage and subsequent stages of development.


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