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We offer comprehensive quality solutions across a broad spectrum of services. From initial planning, through construction and opening projects, we work to exceed the expectations of our customers.

  • Mision


    To serve our country in its development process based on our stock of cutting-edge knowledge and our creative capacity to provide innovative solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients.

    FOA is one of the leading firms in the development of infrastructure projects in Mexico. Over more than four decades, the firm has grown with the country, making substantial and innovative contributions in key economic sectors and in all regions of Mexico. From the Port Reform of the 70's; the divestiture of state owned enterprises, the deregulation of truck transport and sustainable tourism planning in the 80's; the privatization of the transport infrastructure in the '90s; the development of PPPs in mass transit infrastructure projects and strategic projects in energy and health from 2000. The firm has supported an increased private sector participation in infrastructure.

    The founding partner of the firm has had a sustained leadership in the knowledge industry, promoting and practicing ethics and integrity in business globally, whose philosophy permeates and commits the firm’s personnel.  

  • Vision


    To be the consulting firm leading paradigm shifts in the development of sustainable infrastructure in the country, through its continuous growth and innovation, while maintaining its founding values of commitment to quality and integrity for the benefit of its clients.

    To project us towards the future, we are taking decisive actions by developing new organizational capacities, systems and proprietary methodologies for different phases of the project cycle, innovation systems, risk analysis techniques and strategic alliances to serve new markets. We also continued to hold to our commitment to integrity and quality, renewing our certifications in these matters.

  • Contributions


    We have been pioneers in the development and implementation of creative solutions to boost Mexico.

    Strategic projects that the firm participated have changed Mexico, promoting their development.


    • Mexico City International Airport
    • Port Reform in 70´s
    • First terminal container at the country, in the Port of Veracruz
    • The emblematic Alfa-Omega Project
    • First  sustainable tourist development of renewable energy in Loreto Puerto Escondido 


    • The comprehensive tourism planning in Bahias of Huatulco
    • The deregulation of cargo motor carriers
    • The governing transportation planning schemes
    • The first privatization of transport sector (ferries, Mexicana, Aeromexico)
    • The concept of development of the South-Southeast


    • The regional concept of development of the Istmo of Tehuantepec
    • The creation of the APIs in the Port sector
    • The privatization of companies in the key sector
    • -Telmex
    • -Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México
    • -Airports
    • -Toll roads
    • -Terminal containers and multipurpose
    • -Dredging service
    • Planning of the New Airport of Mexico city
    • Sustainable land planning in the tourism-urban corridor in Cancun-Riviera Maya
    • The first systematic brenchmarking for the industrial sector and guidelines for PyMES business development scheme
    • The aproach on stated preference application to the development of toll roads


    • Planning and implementation of the first suburban passenger train in mexico City
    • Planning the first Metrobus in Mexico City (Insurgentes Corridor)
    • Planning and implementation of the first Mexibus in the State of Mexico (Azteca City-Tecamac)
    •  Structuring of the first package of new projects with assets in operation (Tepic-Villa Union Highway)
    • Conduction the process of atracting capital to the largest highway on construction PPS (Nuevo Necaxa-Tihuatlan)
    •   Introduction of innovative methodology for estimation of induced traffic on highways (Durango-Mazatlan;Tuxpan Corridor)
    • Development of the first system of tourism indicators of the Agenda 21 for development of sustainable municipalities
    • Planning of the first City of health knowledge in Mexico: Biometropolis
    • Business plan for the development of low cost airlines in Mexico
    • Proposal for first national infrastructure program 2007-2012
    • Support for the creation of the first program of federal support for urban massive transport (PROTRAM)
    • Participation in the first national monitoring program to building offshore platform of drilling, production and housing for PEMEX
    • Review of engineering and construction supervision and operation of the biggest wastewater  treatment plant (Atotonilco WWTP, under construction)
    • Technical assistance in engineering and construction supervision of 500 Chicontepec oil macropheras 
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  • Integrity Policy


    “It is the commitment of the partners and staff of FOA Consulting to provide quality services to their clients with the added value of best practices of ethical integrity”

    “The objective is to satisfy the requirements and expectations of the clients, adopting the quality and its continuous improvement as work methodology and the integrity as axiom of behavior”

    Dr. Reyes Juárez Del Ángel
    President and General Manager